6 Short Films You Must Watch Now On YouTube

6 Short Films You Must Watch Now On YouTube

If you love sensible movies but don’t have time or don’t have patience to sit for 3 hours to watch full length movies then this is the right place for you.

Presenting you the list of short films you must watch right now on YouTube to fulfill your urge to watch movies.


The 13-minute short revolves around a quaint coffee shop in Kolkata; it’s closing time and the radio is playing Bengali music. The cafe owner, Naseeruddin Shah, comes face to face with the love of his life (Shernaz Patel) who left him 30 years ago.As the old lovers reunite, the story cuts to a sort of flashback where a girl (Shweta Basu Prasad) is saying goodbye to her lover (Naveen Kasturia). Their anguished parting is in stark contrast to the old couple’s peaceful and loving reunion.

The actors are the focal point of the story, and they touch all the right chords with viewers. This short love story leaves you wanting more.

Watch Interior Cafe Night Here:


The story is set in Model Town. Dugal — a pretty, young housewife is having an affair with Hussain, married to the dowdy Chopra. Dugal makes friendly overtures to Chopra at a neighbourhood get-together, not perhaps expecting to be taken up on her offer of a visit.

The next afternoon, Dugal makes her way to Chopra’s home. There, she is served pakoras with a bowl of chutney — the condiment to which the film’s title refers.

As Dugal — at first hesitantly, then eagerly — devours the chutney and pakoras, Chopra begins to tell her a story — of love, of betrayal, and its sordid end. You expect the axe to fall at any time — this wronged, seemingly insignificant woman, what secrets does she know? While she seems to be naive, and Dugal the modern, worldly woman — which of the two is really all-knowing?

The end has an edge that justifies the film’s name, and yet, like chutney, Chutney too leaves you thirsty and slightly unsatisfied, wanting more.

Watch Chutney Here:


Kriti is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language short film directed by Shrish Kunder, the film is a psychological thriller that revolves around a story of a man with mental disorder named sapan (played by Manoj Bajpayee) who has fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Kriti (Neha Sharma) but is his love real? Probably Dr. Kalpana (Radhika Apte), a psychiatrist, can help him figure that out. Can she?

Watch Kriti Here:


That day after every day deals with eve teasing , an extremely relevant and sensitive social cause that has been disturbing all of us for quite some time now. The film revolves around three women who overcome their helplessness in a situation where eve teasing had become a daily routine in their life and when no one was willing to help them from within the society.

Watch That Day After Everyday Here:


‘Wedding Saree’ by Aniket Dhavale is yet another reality video which shows the negative consequences of arranged marriage where sometimes partners turn out to be exactly opposite. This short clip is about a woman whose dreams turn into a nightmare when due to society norms, she is not allowed to withdraw from that marriage.

Watch The Wedding Saree Here:


This heart touching short film is based on story of a guy named Brandon who felt like nobody & thought that no one was interested in becoming his friend. He tried looking for a friend who would be glad to join him for Prom night but couldn’t find one until he met emily who is very beautiful but can’t hear anything.

Watch The Most Beautiful Thing Here:

I hope you liked the above list & if you did please click the like button & share it with your friends so that they also can enjoy these marvelous creations.


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