Feeling Depressed? Watch these movies to cheer up.

Feeling Depressed? Watch these movies to cheer up.

In life we often stumble upon feelings of failure, rejection, loss etc. These feelings sometimes lead to depression which is obviously not good for our mind and body. So  it is very important that you don’t let these negative feelings overpower you and to help you with that we have curated the list of 5 movies you can watch to cheer up.


This movie is true inspiration for everyone who struggles in life to succeed but think that its not enough because of temporary failures. This movie shows us that hard work always pays off, we just have to give it a time.

Watch trailer here:http://youtu.be/89Kq8SDyvfg

2. Unleashed

Also known as “Danny the dog”. This movie beautifully shows what miracles music can do when combined with selfless love. Regardless of  your past experience , you can always emerge as sunshine.

Watch trailer here:http://youtu.be/jX2wFPhcVYo

3. Bucket List

They say that “There is no age limit for your dreams” & this movie is all about that. It shows us that life is not about postponing our dreams for tomorrow but about stop being afraid and start taking chances because you might not have tomorrow.

Watch trailer here:http://youtu.be/vc3mkG21ob4

4. The Walk

No dream is impossible if you are determined to achieve it even though the whole world is against you. If you are passionate enough to work for it there is nothing can stop you.

Watch the trailer here:http://youtu.be/GR1EmTKAWIw

5. Seven Pounds

One of the most heart touching movies you have ever watched. This movie shows us that whatever fate does with us we can always make a difference.

Watch the trailer here:http://youtu.be/MwrtEI-fcmM
Life is not about how much you live, but how you live it.

If you have any other movies on your mind, feel free to share.


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